Mini Cooper S Mini Cooper S This gorgeous vehicle received our Silver Service. This includes a wash and wax on the exterior and a complete detail on the interior of this vehicle. 199027376 The exterior of this Mini was washed with high sudsing, pH balanced car wash soap then hand dried with micro fiber towels. 199027377 The rims, tires and wheel wells were cleaned and tire shine applied to the tires. The paint was waxed with a spray-on, high gloss polymer. 199027378 199027379 The interior of this Mini was thoroughly vacuumed. The carpeting in the trunk area, interior cabin, and floor mats were shampooed. The leather seats were cleaned, then conditioned 199027380 The leather seats were cleaned, then conditioned. All remaining vinyl, plastic, rubber or leather interior surfaces were either cleaned, conditioned or both. This included, but wasn't limited to the dashboard, vents, instrument panel, center console, doors, armrests and cup holders 199027381