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Honda CRV Interior Detail

Posted by Wipe Me Down on November 14, 2016 at 11:25 AM

The detailing professionals at Wipe Me Down visited Bon Air, VA to restore this Honda CRV to its original glory. The entire exterior of the vehicle was detailed, but this picture highlights the intense cleaning the interior received. The carpet and floormats were thoroughly vacuumed. All spots and stains were then treated with either degreaser, enzyme based, or an oxygenated pre-treatment depending on the location and type of discoloration. Specially formulated shampoo was then used to clean the floormats and carpeting. All excess water and shampoo was extracted which removes dirt and grime and expedites drying. The leather was cleaned with leather cleaner then dressed with a mink oil based leather conditioner. All remaining surfaces were cleaned then dressed. This includes the dashboard, instrument panel, center console, cup holders, door panels, vents,etc. All windows were cleaned. The finishing touch is an ozone treatment which removes odors and leaves a neutral scent.

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