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Dont Let Salt Harm Your Vehicle's Finish

Posted by Wipe Me Down on January 3, 2011 at 10:05 AM

Salt is hyroscopic (attracts water) and very corrosive to metal when it combines with the water it attracts.  The product of corrosion on metal is the familiar red-brown rust.  Most of the metal on our vehicles today is protected by paint, wax or sealant, but as the finish on your vehicle gets roughened (via the effects of weather, sun, rock chips, scratches, minor dings, etc.), the salt can easily be allowed to take full effect if it is left unattended.

Keeping your vehicle as clean as possible during the winter will go a long way to cut down the damage done by salt and sand.  Its a very good idea to have your vehicle washed at least every 10 days during the winter months and as soon as possible after it snows.  Here are a few other tips to remember:




• Wash your vehicle when the temperature reaches at least 40 degrees F. 

• Plan to wash your vehicle well before sunset to allow it to dry completely before freezing evening temperatures begin.

• Avoid driving through large puddles of standing water where road salt collects.

• Repair paint chips that are larger than the tip of a pen to avoid corrosion.

• Wax and seal your vehicle every six months or less to give your vehicle a strong protective coating.

Follow these tips and you should be well on your way to fighting the battle against winter road salts.


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