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An Awesome Time to Wax

Posted by Wipe Me Down on September 14, 2016 at 12:30 AM

   With the seasons changing and the colder months on our doorstep, the savvy vehicle owner may be dreading the havoc that winter can wreak on their shiny investment.   Considering the harmful effects of ice, mud, sand and salt on your vehicle's paint is enough to make one cringe.  Add to that the dead leaves, sap and bird droppings of Fall and we can all agree that now is an awesome time to take some proactive steps.  Instead of waiting until next spring to try and correct the damage done to your paint's finish, applying a protective coating of wax on your vehicle, before temperature and conditions reach extremes, will greatly increase the longevity of your paint and the luster in its appearance.  September and October typically have a more moderate climate than the preceding months which also make them ideal for servicing your vehicles's paint. So whether you decide to call Wipe Me Down Mobile Detailing or choose to take a more personal approach to the task, right now is an Awesome time to wax!   

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